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I have been working with Effie for 3 years unpacking some complex childhood traumas and how they manifest in my adult life. We have been doing Inner Child work, some dream analysis and work to understand my PTSD. Effie is non-judgemental, proactive and honest and has been patient when I have not been ready to talk about things. Our sessions are calm and immensely catharctic. She has helped me learn how to listen to myself non-judgementally and discover I have agency in my actions and behaviours. I couldn't recommend her enough.


My experience having therapy with Effie has been life changing. Her warm approach, non-judgemental attitude and positive regard, allowed me to open up and process my past. She held a compassionate space for me to come to meaningful realisations about myself and my relationships. Her approach was truly holistic. We focused on dream analysis, and on the importance of mind and body connection. She was consistent, reliable and approachable throughout therapy. I cannot thank Effie enough for helping me gain self-awareness, self-love and to move forward in my life.


I have been working with Effie for a couple of years now. She is warm and very approachable and her gentleness has helped me open up about my chidhood traumas. Our work together has been incredibly healing and I am very grateful for her guidance and continuous support.


We worked with Effie as a couple for over a year. She helped us gain tools to break down old unhealthy patterns of behaviour that were damaging our relationship. With her help we worked on communication skills that helped rebuild our relationship based on friendship, trust, and mutual rerspect. We are grateful for her guidance and support.


I wanted to thank you Effie for all your help and for all the strategies you have taught me that have enabled me to move towards being a happier person. For the first time in my life I can say that I have a good relationship with myself and that I feel positive about my future.


My time with Effie allowed me to recognise unhealthy and toxic patterns and identify key triggers. Effie helped me work through relationship issues to improve my current relationships and ensure that they are as positive and as healthy as possible. Thanks to Effie, I am now able to move away from engaging in the same unhealthy patterns and to have healthy and positive relationships both with myself and others. Our sessions have always been highly professional and non-judgemental and I have been presented with new and different perspectives to further develop my inner work.


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